Monday, December 12, 2005

The Wizard, the Wardrobe and the Restaurant

Swatow open late (past 1am)

I found some coupons for the movies a few weeks ago. I got them at a Christmas party over a year ago. They expire at the end of the month. So today, being the slow day that it is, I took myself to see Harry Potter and Narnia back to back. Almost five hours of solid movie watching. I had five minutes after Harry Potter to decide to see Narnia, buy the tickets and hike back up the three story escalator at the Paramount.

Seeing movies is a tiring business so I made my way to the late night resturant Swatow (located on Spadina just north of Dundas on the east side of Spadina - see picture for address). As usual I had 111A and shrimp and lobster on rice. yummy.

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