Sunday, December 04, 2005

Chair Number Two

Asha takes a swig of some kind of liquid from the baby bottle while her parents (Cupcke and William) finish making dinner.

Tonight I spent time with Cupcake and her husband William for fine eating and entertainment. You can read all about the entertaining on cupcakes blog. To make a long stort less entertaining. Her chair broke. I was on it. Laughs all around.

I suppose this is a sign that I should incorporate a diet/fitness program as part of my new years resolution. This is the second chair that gave out from under me this year after all. (see previous post and the follow up post for more details). You can blame the cheapness or the age of the chair only so many times before it dons on you that "Hey maybe you have to wake up and admit you have a weight problem".

I admit I haven't really been active that much this year. Aside from doing the odd treks to the camera store, the Nikon service centre, or carrying all my photo gear on my back to some far off shoot, I really haven't been doing much exercising. I rode my bike maybe five times this last summer and stopped playing floor hockey due to not having steady work. I couldn't commit to a weekly outing not knowing if I'd be working that night or not.

Not that I'm really concerned about my weight. My only concerns are that I can still bend over to tie my shoe laces without grunting, I don't have to spend money on buying new fat clothes, and I can still walk around without having a heart attack. Other than that I'm good. "Stupid Chair"


Cupcake said...

William says, "I knew that chair would fall apart. It never looked sturdy."

P.S. If my mid-riff looks rather expanded, I'm five months pregnant.

Anonymous said...

I had a friend once break three chairs in two days in my apt. He was the heaviest of us, but the chairs weren't so innocent either...