Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Fat Squirrel

Fat round squirrel

After dropping off a photo CD for a client I was in the bathurst queen area walking north. While walking by the park I noticed a bunch of rotund squirrels searching for more food getting ready for the winter hibernation. They do hibernate don't they? Or maybe they just fatten up so they can have a new years resolution to slim down again.

They must have been fed by other people. As I looked around at them they would come bounding toward me. Probably thought I was another food source. This made it a bit tricky to shoot as they lept in and out focus pretty quickly. I was a bit surprised that they could still run up and down trees and hang upsidedown without keeling over from a heart attack.


Cupcake said...

O.k. that was cute photo. Check out

** Warning: Don't forget to take your insulin shot before viewing the web site.

Paul said...

I like your fat squirrel. It reminds me of the photo of a squat that's on my "Freaks of Nature" blog.