Monday, December 05, 2005

The Hot Tub

Hades "Hot Tub" - a term coined by some of the crew for the indoor pool of water

After spending some quality time with my grandmother this afternoon I managed to get a gig working on a MOW (movie of the week - two hour TV show). Whenever I visit my grandmother I feel quite drained physically and emotionally. In some ways I'm ashamed to have her as a relative. Some of the stuff that comes out of her mouth really offends me. I've told her I disapprove of the ignorant racism crap coming out of her yap and to this day she still wonders why my cousin doesn't want anything to do with her. Maybe if she didn't call my cousin's kids half breeds with tainted blood...

By the time I wandered into work I was pretty angry. Luckily my one day job taking measurements for some visual effects on a show where a guy comes out of a river was pretty low key. The show was a little behind in the shoot schedule which was nice. It was about two hours before I had to really do anything that involved using my brain.

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