Wednesday, December 28, 2005


The Beaches bike trail

Thanks to the odd shift sleep schedule that has taken over my body, from 11pm to 4am then from 11am to 3pm, I was up at around 7:30am craving a sausage and egg McMuffin from McDonalds and the tiny oily hash brown that comes with it. It wasn't until about 8:30am that I made up my mind to brace the cold, semi-wet outside to get one (or maybe two).

After eating the two McMuffins I decided to wander off to the park to get some exercise. I didn't feel sleepy and hadn't been down to the beaches in a while. Gray, cold, damp and pretty low traffic. People jogging or walking their dogs seemed to be the main population. There was the odd couple doing the power walk but overall it was pretty quiet.

A weird ass beaches tree could be a home for a mini hobbit.

I ended up at the Leuty station, took a few pictures, and turned back. There really wasn't much to see. My pillow was calling for my second sleep shift.

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