Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Dawne of the Century

Dawne Furey models an elegant black bikini.

It seems that when you least expect it there's some girl in a bikini that pops out of nowhere. In this case there were a bunch of bikini wearing women at the Century club (near king and bathurst). Let's rewind a bit. I received an email from Julie Hinton. She was having a calendar launch to A) sell calendar (d'uh) and B) to help raise money for breast cancer research. For more information on Julie check out her website at www.juliehinton.com.

While this was going on there was also a Bikini entry thing going on for miss swimsuit canada, or at least I was told. The information source may not be the most reliable as it was from a guy that had problems staying up on his two feet thanks to a questionable amount of alcohol. This explains the whole women wandering around almost naked.

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