Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ghost Trackers

The Ghost Trackers truck parked outside in front of the Ontario Science Centre

A truck parked in front of the science centre was used to promote the Ghost Trackers TV show to visitors. More specifically there was an exhibit that featured the host signing autographs, some computer simulations, and actual kid trackers showing the visitors that were interested how the tracking equipment worked.

Joe MacLeod signs a photo to Kate, one of the shows biggest fans

My job was to take random photos of the event as the day unfolded. Kids getting their autographs from their TV host/idle, Joe MacLeod, kids watching the show on a large screen backdrop, kids playing the ghost tracking simulator, kids looking at the ghost tracking equipment from the show. Lots of kids.

Ghost Trackers is a show on YTV that places kids with real working ghost tracking equipment intohaunted houses, real haunted houses. The kids explore around while Joe, who sits in the truck parked outside the house, monitors them via a video audio link. The kids record and react to the things in the house. Did I mention that it's all real? There's no staged doors slamming or things falling off shelves. The locations are actually haunted.

As a kid I used to be fascinated with ghosts, UFOs and other strange phenomena. I suppose I still am to a certain degree. The local island lighthouse on Hanlan's Point and the stories of the light house keeper, although a bit morbid, seemed to always hold my attention.

Ghost Trackers with Joe

One of the things about the show is that they use real terminology for the various types of phenomena. If you don't get YTV you can check out the official TV website and even play a simulation. (

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phaedrav said...

Do you believe in ghosts?

BagelHot said...

Let's just say there's not enough evidence to discount that ghost do not exist.