Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Morning Beach Trek

The kiddie playground

I woke up relatively early today and had a craving for the McDonalds sausage and egg McMuffin. I started walking toward the local McDonalds but veered off at the last minute and ended up down at the beach instead. The sun had just started to poke through the clouds bathing everything in an orangey warm light.

The beach itself was sparsely populated by dogs and their walkers while on the boardwalk, the sporadic jogger or power walker floated by. In the morning I find that people on the beach are more friendly saying "Good morning" or "hello". In the evening no one really says anything to each other.

Some dog tracks to the life guard stand

I spent about two hours walking around the beach, looking off into the water, watching the waves lap onto the sand, water crash onto the rocks, and the odd dog run away from it's owner to sniff another dog's butt. It was all very relaxing.

Eventually I made my way back home foregoing the McMuffin.

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