Saturday, November 11, 2006

Peter's Move

Peter and the truck full of stuff

About a week ago I was asked to help move a friend, Peter, from his old apartment to his new one. For some reason I forgot to return his call until the last minute. As it turned out he only had one other person show up at the old apartment to help pack. It wasn't too terrible as he had already moved all his stuff into a small room at the back of the building ready to be picked up the next morning (today).

If anyone should help people move from one location to another it's got to be me. For the last seven moves that I did in the span of eight years I've been extremely lucky to have had friends to help me over and over again. And they're still friends! Although the moving of all the boxes and the last minute packing probably wakes them up in a cold sweat every few nights and much like a solider who's seen the horrors of war they're reluctant to volunteer for another tour of duty. If there's such a thing as moving karma I suppose that's what motivated me into helping out Peter. As a side note to all that are out there still shaking from the last move.

Once we loaded the truck and got to the new apartment things were a bit easier, even with a narrow flight of stairs that had sharp tiny corners getting to the top floor. At one point we had to get a tenant from the main floor to open her door in order to navigate a bed frame up the stairs.

Anouck tries to lean out of frame.

There were three more volunteers at the new location waiting to assist moving the items in the truck. One of them being Anouck from Paris, France. I still don't know how Peter managed to reel her into helping out. She was only in Toronto for a few days and would be leaving in a few weeks for Ottawa and Montreal. Perhaps he sold the move as being part of some Canadian tradition that all visitors should experience like building your own igloo or watching beavers build a dam or seeing the Toronto Maple Leafs play hockey.

After the move you could then entice your "volunteers" with the tradition of the follow up meal while sitting around the new apartment floor, on an unpacked chair, couch or box. Today's offering, a few pizzas, beer and a few evil cans of Coke.

Peter gets carried like a sack of potatoes. I took this picture just before his face was walked into the side of a van.

Peter lounges in the new apartment

A rather large ceiling fixture

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