Monday, November 27, 2006

Laptop Magic

Typing up email while watching TV.

I found myself at Neil's again today making myself available for the Microsoft project. Just in case there were any tweaks or last minute changes required on my part I thought it would be prudent to be at the point of delivery. I camped out in the living room typing email, surfing the web, and watching the Space channel. I think I watched four hours of Trek in a row. The Original series "Where no man has gone before", the next generation, followed by Voyager, and Enterprise.

I have always thought that owning a laptop was more trouble than it's worth. Expensive to upgrade or not upgradable at all, expensive proprietary batteries, high repair costs, crappy speakers, crappy keyboard, the list goes on. But I must say that the more I use this laptop the more dependant and lazy I become.

For example, in pre-laptop times I would have to wake up and schlep over to the desktop computer located way, way, way across the room, turn it on while freezing (usually the rest of the room is cold compared to being in bed), then sit and wait for the thing to boot up just to read my email. Now, I just stick my arm out from my cocoon like blankets to my bedside table and power up the laptop. My head doesn't even have to leave the pillow.

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