Thursday, November 23, 2006

Chocolate and Gold

Darryl on Spadina avenue

Met Darryl for a late 3:00 lunch at Swatow. I had to get down to the computer corridor (college street, west of Spadina) to pick up an ethernet card, and a router. It was time to see if my high speed connection could be optimized.

Table of Ganong chocolate

Tonight's evening was pretty full up. Emmanuel has a movie thing at the ROM and wanted me to take some photographs of people watching "It's a Wonderful Life". It was part of a movie networking event which sounded like a lot of fun but I was previously hired by GAT to shoot a chocolate party.

It was the annual Ganong chocolate party, Canada's oldest chocolate making company. Upon entering the large room located at the Toronto Dominion Building you were greeted by a large table filled with boxes of chocolate and jellies. Further into the room there were finger sandwiches and to the left of the room a bar. If that weren't enough, on the way out you got a goodie bad with more chocolate and jellies.

Gift bags o chocolate

After the chocolate party it was off to the design exchange which was conveniently located two blocks away. It was there that I found that Andrew had won the GOLD award for best design. For more info on this see previous post. We were told that the poster that was created by the design exchange advertising the win (and using my photo) will be on display on the main floor all year.

Andrew (fashion designer, top) poses with Anna (model, left), Daniela (makeup artist, middle), and Jordan (model, right)

Anna and Jordan pose in front of Andrew's entry photo

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