Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fan Expo 2009 Day Two

Brian Pitt, Star Trek Fan

What's a fan expo blog entry without writing about the fans?

Day two of the Fan Expo introduced me to Brian Pitt. Fan of the original Star Trek series, he had in his hands a copy of the script the "Menagerie". For you non-Trekker folk this is the rewrite of the first story of the original series ("the Cage"), the episode before the introduction of William Shatner.

Jeffery Hunter played Christopher Pike in "The Cage" the original Star Trek pilot. Deemed too cerebral by NBC rewrites and recasting were made. The pilot got shelved. Later on it resurfaced as the "Menagerie", rewritten with added stuff to include the current cast (at the time) and the only two part episode in the entire run of the original series.

Over the years Brian had collected the various signatures of the cast and crew members from the show. It was probably the most impressive fan collectible I saw over the entire weekend.

While the main focus of any convention (I don't care what people tell you) is to sell stuff, another aspect is to gather fans together to appreciate them. The appreciated fans then spend more money generally but they do get satisfaction out of being appreciated.

There are those actors that show up to sign autographs maybe because their careers are dying and/or their agent forced them to. Then there are the actors that really enjoy being there interacting with the fans. These are the actors that truly make the whole movie biz magical.

Anchor Bay's showcased "Laid to Rest" talent was just that. Incredible talent, really nice down to earth people, great with the fans. In a word "Awesome".

Thomas Dekker from Laid to Rest, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Star Trek Generations (Picard's kid)

Director and special effects make up artist Robert Hall. See the company website, Almost Human, by clicking here

Chrome Skull aka Nick Principe

In another part of the expo there was an actor with a fart machine. Laughing ensued. If you guessed it was Leslie Nielsen you'd be correct. While he might be best known for his performances in Airplane and he Police Squad show and movies (the Naked Gun) he was also in more serious roles acting in TV shows like the Fugitive.

Today, he and other cast members were on a panel to promote the movie Stan Helsing.

Leslie Nielsen at the Stan Helsing Q&A

The Stan Helsing room.

Richard Crouse,Ryan Shore (composer), Leslie Nielsen, Bo Zenga (writer/director), Diora Baird, Desi Lydic

Brian, fan

Tear Gas, skater and fan

Norman, the fan waving

Dave Thomas tells a story that cracks us and the interviewer Richard Crouse up.

Dave Thomas signs Andrew's (a Big Fan) poster

Poster for the Doug and Bob Cartoon

Head shots! Richard and I get free photos from one of the booths promoting Saw VI

Offsring's Art Hindle, Pollyanna McIntosh, Jeff Ketchum (writer), Ryan Shore (composer)

Some zombies

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