Friday, August 21, 2009

Queen Street West

Emmanuel aka Motivatorman at Starbucks

Woke up pretty early in the relative scheme of things. Met up with Emmanuel at a local Starbuck’s. When ended up at the trendy coffee place because our usual haunt, the Stem, was closed. Closed why? Don’t know. It seemed to have that under construction look to it as I wandered by.

Bird house? When did that get placed there?

After doing a bit of catch up. I spent a few hours walking down Queen street. It’s been a while since I visited that neighbourhood. There was a bird house added to the local tree stump, a Bad Girls sign, and Pages shutting down.


Pages closing at the end of the month.

Pages is one of those stores that I’d go to look at coffee table type photography books. They also had a great magazine section for fashion, more diverse selection than that of Chapters or Indigo. The books were all 30% off. I saw a think magazine (about $30) covering London fall/winter fashion. I think it included Tyoko, Paris and Milan as well. I missed London Fashion week this year. Looking through the book reminded me of all friends in London I hadn't talked to in a while and the designers collections that I didn't get to photgraph. Like the store closing, it was a bit depressing.

Goat Roti at Coconut Grove

This led me to walk up to the coconut grove. A restaurant that I used to eat at while going to Ryerson. They've moved since then and are located on Dundas just east of University. I ordered the goat roti.

It was a lot softer than I remembered. Still tasty, but soft.

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Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Great photo of me Derek, Thanks!

And delicious photo of the roti too!