Friday, February 03, 2006

Taking the Bus

One of the damaged windows on the bus.

Like any other day I'm taking transit I usually go into that zombie like trance while waiting for the vehicle to get to my stop, today was no different. It was late and I was taking the Coxwell bus south from the train station. Doing the usual thing you do while riding a bus, looking around at other passengers (while avoiding eye contact), reading ads, looking out into the dark outside through the dusty window. It was too bright in the bus to really see anything outside.


"What the heck was that?" I thought to myself and proceeded to look around the bus.


I noticed small particles of glass coming from the window. The window? Upon closer inspection something hit the bus window. Something small and hard, like a rock or metal ball bearing. Looking at the impact damage on the window it was definately something small, about a centimeter in size.

The bus pulled up at the next stop which was a few meters away from the incident and the driver got out to look at the damage. When the front door opened to let him out I noticed the first hit that looked like a green paint ball hit on the door. Shortly after stopping a women approached the bus from across the street pointing up the street saying "It was them! Those two guys."

Being as we were in a new, and might I add poorly designed, TTC bus there is no back window. In fact there were no windows you could slide open to see outside except for the one next to the driver. I tried peering out by putting my faces around my eyes to block out the light coming from within the bus but the windows were too grubby to see anything.

The end result was that the only person who saw anything was the women outside the bus who really didn't have much of a description other than the height of the two vandels. She saw them just walk away from the scene. It took the police about 10 minutes to arrive after the driver called the TTC dispatcher. Supposedly the police had been getting reports all night about some kids throwing glass bottles and firing some kind of weapon at cars passing by and breaking windows of people's homes.

Stupid kids.

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