Saturday, June 17, 2006

TAB is Fab

Monique Drepaul enjoys a TAB

After the day at FAME I traveled downtown to witness the TAB launch. Yes, It's TAB, the coca cola drink from the seventies making a come back. The tag line was "Fuel to be fabulous" and at the launch I noticed I was surrounded by a lot of good looking people.

The fabulous TAB girls

Not just the girls handing out the drinks (see above) or the guys with TAB shirts painted on, This seemed to go over extremely well with the women that attended the party, it seemed like everyone at the launch was good looking (see picture below).

Does everyone look this good while drinking TAB?

Maybe it was something in the water (so to speak). The drink itself reminded me a bit like cream soda. TAB uses Splenda or sucralose as a sweetener instead of aspartame. After reading a bit on both man made substances I'd rather just drink something with sugar.


Cupcake said...

You certainly are the man about town Mr. BagelHot. I must live through your pictorial exposé, as the two kiddies are keeping busy.

P.S. Thanks for the gratuitous male hard bod pic, see below "Fame" and "Tab".

Wade Marshall said...

Didn't everyone used to hate Tab?

Sock Monty said...

Were there any Sock Monkeys there?

Aysha said...

My grandad collects old soda cans and bottles for a hobby and I remember he has a couple of Tabs. I won't recommend it to anyone though, as I discovered artificial sweeteners are way harmful to your health. For those interested: