Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Full Moon

Full Moon (or pretty close to it) shot with a 400mm

I was looking up at the sky tonight and noticed the rather large yellowish moon hovering above the horizon. Maybe it was an orange... at any rate it wasn't the customary white. "Is it all the smog floating in the air that's causing this?", I thought to myself.

According to my astrological friend Nilla, the full moon signifies completion in something or the end of a cycle of some sort. Usually along with the full moon also comes drama and big emotional waves with people acting more strangely. Although I haven't noticed anything with me this month there have been previous full moons where I could say she was right on the button.

I guess I should have paid more attention to the astrological spewings that came out of Nilla's mouth. It's one of interesting subjects that seems to pop up everytime there's a full moon.

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theotherbear said...

People really DO Seem to act odd when it's a full moon!