Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fit to a Tee

T-Shirt photo shoot for Monster Records

Today,with the help of Brigitte and Leanna, I managed to do a photo shoot for Monster Records. Specifically photos for T-shirts they are selling. This project was on the back burner for the last year. I'm reminded of this as it was during last year at Wakestock I found a potential model but had so much trouble with her modelling agency. They wouldn't give me a rate card or a solid answer on how much it would be to hire her. During the first phone call it was $50 an hour. By the third photo call it was just over $3000 for an 8 hour day plus licensing fees every year to pay for the pictures I would be taking. WTF!

The photos should start appearing on the new and improved Monster Records site in the merchandise section soon.

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phaedrav said...

Yummy. I'd buy one of those. :-)