Monday, March 17, 2008

Cat Behaviour

"Don't walk toward me I'm tyring to take your photo."

This morning I had made the connection that if looking at a cat and bending toward the ground or squatting, a familiar cat will generally start walking toward you. Most likely because it thinks it's going to be fed or petted.

It's because of this that taking a photograph of Pumpkin becomes a challenge. I was off to return some gear I rented back to Vistek and waiting for a taxi (that never showed up). I had let the cat out and saw Pumpkin walk around the front bush. I followed down the steps and looked around. The cat had pulled a Houdini on me. Then just like magic he was sitting next to the pile of camera gear when I turned around. As soon as I started to crouch down to his eye level he started walking toward me. So much for the cat guarding the camera gear photo.

I watched the cat wonder around the street. He crossed over to Andrew's house and then back to my side of the street when he sat looking at some house. I went tot he ground to shoot him down the street at worm level at again he came toward me. The shot I got was kind of funny though. It looks like he's out of shape panting with his tongue out.

Pumpkin getting tired of walking toward me everytime I try to take his photo.

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