Monday, December 15, 2008

Cornbread Revisited

Indiana Jones and the Corn Bread Monster.

I made corn bread today. I'd been yearning for some for the last two weeks but lost my Joy of Cooking book in a bunch of moving boxes. As I result I went out to get another copy. I figured I'd get the hard cover version as it has more recipes and just in case I find the other copy.

It turns out there's a new edition out right now. It's the 75th anniversary edition. I never realized the book was that old. My mother owned a copy and I've had at least two copies in the past. In one version I noticed they took out a lot of the interesting stuff due to technological advances.

It's hard to believe plastics were not yet invented or refrigerators had replaced ice boxes when the book originally came out. Recipes and preparation of hunting game was taken out as we city folk get further away from living off the land directly. The 75th edition puts a lot of stuff back in. Woo.

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