Saturday, January 17, 2009

Montreal makes WFTDA

Georgia W. Tush #40 oz of the Montreal Roller Derby

I just found out today that Montreal has just made the Women's Flat Track Derby Association. There was a race to see who could be the first team from Canada between Montreal and Hamilton for what seemed like a pretty long time.

As a Hamilton fan the first thing that came to my mind was "What happened?". As a Montreal fan I say "Woo woo!". Technically you have to be a fan for teams you have friends on. In that case I'm probably a fan of derby in general. Shouting "Texas, Texas, Kill, Kill, Kill", to the rhythmic thumping for the Liberty Belles, to the "H-C-R-G" battle cry. It's all great derby... and now some of it will be in Canada officially. Woo woo!

With the Montreal Canadiens 100th hockey year is seems only fitting that the roller derby girls make WFTDA to diffuse some of that hockey craziness. Roller derby a major Canadian sport? Why the heck not?

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