Friday, October 30, 2009

John A Macdonald

Parc Ave

I picked up Darryl and we ended up going to Mamma's. A restaurant known for being open into the wee hours of the morning that sells poutine with smoked meat. While it wasn't really that early in the morning we still enjoyed having a large breakfast.

Poutine with smoked meat and a BLT!!!

This is probably one of the best poutines I've had all week.

A car parked in front of a shopper's drug mart.

While driving back home I pulled over in front of a cemetery. It was to free up my driving hands to program the car GPS (aka FRAN - Find Restaurants And Navigate) to find the nearest Tim Horton's. I was getting tired and wanted something to drink.

Looking out the side window I realized that it was autumn and the colors were amazing. Definitely some nice photographic opportunities. Since Darryl couldn't drive he was subjected to my discretion. I drove into the cemetery.

We weren't in there for more than five minutes when Darryl noticed a tiny sign that read burial site of John A. Macdonald. He was Canada's first prime minister.

We continued to drive around with not much success in finding the site. Had this been the burial grounds of George Washington we would have expected a large statue or something.

My hopes of finding the site increased when we saw a Canadian flag in the distance. I drove the car, parked, got out with my camera only to find it was just a war memorial. D'oh.

The tiny sign

It took us a total of forty minutes to find it. I had stopped the car at another Canadian flag couldn't see the site and was about to give up when Darryl saw another tiny sign. It was too good to be true.

I got out of the car to find the site hidden behind a bush. After walking around taking a bunch of photos I got back into the car and bookmarked the place so I could find it again. Way too much work finding this but for you just click here (N44.262143 W76.541578).

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