Monday, November 09, 2009

Swine Flu

In the window of Theodore 1922, a store on Bloor Street

Is it me or is this swine flu thing being sensationalized in the news? I was in Montreal and the reports coming in from not having enough hospitals offering this free vaccine, people getting sick and even dying seemed a bit surreal. Then getting back into Toronto it's the same thing on the news.

Surely there are more deadly viruses out there? I see see the P.R. guys for H1N1 doing high fives some where out there. Probably the same guys in charge of marketing cranberries. I mean Cran-grape drinks?

Well anyway, I was on my way home from meeting up with FAB's fashion editor with a bag of stuff to shoot for the upcoming Christmas guide when I saw this in a window on Bloor street. I found this funny.

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