Sunday, August 01, 2010

RollerCon 2010 - Day 5

The fake sky of Paris

Things are winding down today. There are some classes and scrimmages but for the most part we're (Marcus, Supersonik!, and I) using this day to wind down and enjoy Vegas. On top of this I'm practically cameraless, armed with only my point and shoot. (Yes the shutter on my D700 is still dead) Boo.

Marcus invites me to join him and Kim for a champagne brunch at the Paris hotel. Ooh la la, real food! How does one say no to that.

Supersonik (iPhone) and Marcus (Android) attempt to get connected in Paris.

We get to the line up for Le Village Buffet, parking the car at 12:40. By the time I'm sneaking a dessert (the beginning of my meal) it's 14:18. All that in between time is us creeping along in a large queue. The buffet wasn't necessarily cheap, it was $30 but the food was well worth it plus it included the champagne. The hour and forty minutes past by pretty quickly with the regaling of stories, trying to get on the internet and looking around at the surroundings.

Food, glorious food

Being nearest to the dessert station I grab this tart while the others grab their main meal.

Round 1

Round 2

Now with a full tummy and boozed up I was starting to slip into a food coma. I needed a bed stat. We drove back to the hotel where I parted company and I went to take a much needed nap.

A tomato in the Hooters parking lot (I had to photograph this)

Three hours later

I wake up and make my way down to the Hooters pool. This has become the meeting place for skaters. A bunch of the Tri-city girls are there with some of the Toronto folk. Some of them are leaving back to Canada in a few hours and are sad the week has gone by so quickly.

David gives the thumbs up.

The girls jump through the water fall.


Doing a handstand under water

Hugging (this should be obvious from the photo)

Lady Gag Ya's derby bruise.

Anita Martini, sad to fly out in a few hours.

What's with the thumbs up any way?

A wave of pain hits my jaw. It comes out of nowhere but I believe it's my tooth that's acting up again. The one I got filled back in May. Some of the ToRD girls invite me to go for dinner. The tooth pain wave goes away.

Double my money.

While waiting for the girls to change out of their swimsuits I play the slot machines. By the time we meet in front of the elevators I'm up by $1.50. Not bad considering I only played a dollar to begin with.

Hooters Hotel

Originally we were going to go for sushi at the MGM. We actually got to a table and sat down. The sushi was pretty pricey at about $18 a roll. While Kitty and I wanted to at least try a roll to see how good it was the others felt it was a bit out of their price range. It should be noted that fish in a dessert would probably be more expensive as it's got to be flown in.

We ended up leaving and going to a Mexican restaurant instead. My whole meal was under $18 and that included a Corona. Yes, a beer.

The Burrito

Tit mouse and her food.

The pepper moustache

After dinner Memphis Kitty wanted to go to an air bar. It was a place just down the strip where they put tubes in your nose and have filtered, flavoured, air running through them. This reminded me of medical patient stuff and I opted out of this $20 experience.

I did however try this electric massage thing. A tiny device about the size of a small mp3 player is connected to your shoulder blades on your back. Voltage is passed through and tightens your muscles. I could only take a setting of 2, 3 was was too much. The device went up to 10.

The science of the electric massager

Back to the Hooters Hotel

Vodka dressed in fire extinguisher containers.

Hot Roller and the Hooters Owl

Lady Gag Ya and Dust Bunny

We returned to the Hotel where the Toronto girls were packing to get their flight out. I ended up going back down to the pool to sit and spend time with people still hanging around.

Seeing how the bruise is progressing

The face of the bruise (I realized I never took a photo of the actual person until this point)

Amanda Jamitinya armed with pool toys

Pink Flamingo

Rebel Rock-it with her blow up duckie

BPM floats on a beach ball.

I really can't translate the humour here, you had to be there.

Noodle gets a moustache/beard

Ram 'em Noodle next to the waterfall

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