Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Space Pod One

The hamster habitat (aka Space Station One)

Up until now I hadn't really taken the time to photograph the hamster in her environment. That is I've taken photos with bad tungsten low level lighting but no photos that were crisp with nice lighting. I wanted a photo to show people what the configuration of the cage was as well as the cage itself.

I transported the hamster and her habitrail to the basement where I set up some black material as a backdrop (It really makes the cage look like it's in space). Then with the limited space I positioned the lights and took some photos. What follows are the results...

"I smell a raisin."

"Uh, hey hello... food bowl... empty... could you get on that?"

Captain Hill in her sleeping pod.

Sitting in the food bowl.

In the observation deck.

until next time...

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