Friday, February 04, 2011



It's been a while since I was sandwiched in a mosh pit taking photos of a band. The dim light, the loud ear splitting speakers, the sticky beer soaked floor (with glass), the people jumping/dancing/standing in the way of a photo capture. This is the fun I've missed since I can't remember when.

It's definitely a different type of photography. Different from taking photos of skating girls zipping around a track, or photographing some thing outside. Inconsistent lighting, microphones and stands blocking the musician's faces, the odd fist pump blocking your view. This is what separates the great photos from the crappy ones. Timing and location is everything.

Spitfist on stage at the Garrision

As a few of the girls in the band are in ToRD I''ve heard of the band before but until now didn't get a chance to see them play. They're pretty awesome. I liked the "Meow" song. Being pretty impressed with their performance and thinking that I actually had a good time getting outside, I compared notes with other people in the crowd. The majority commented that this was the band's best performance ever. Really? Maybe this was a good time to see them then.

Alicia Marie, bass

Caitlin Watson, Drums

Dee Prescot, guitar

Stacey McCool, lead vocals

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