Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Food Dehydrator

Salton Food Dehydrator

Monday night at work, one of the snacks that made it's way to the craft services table was a bunch of banana chips. I ate some and took a few home to see if Captain Hill liked them. She did. This was the seed that started today's mission... "Buy a Food Dehydrator"

I reasoned that the food dehydrator would allow me to make banana chips from scratch thus eliminating any odd preservatives that might be used in the banana chips available at the grocery store. I did a bit of research and as the world of food dehydrators opened up to me I realized that banana chips weren't the only things you could make with one of these things. Beef Jerky, bagel chips, various dried fruits and herbs, I imagine you could even dry a pair of socks in one of these things. There's a web site that refers to the drying to lingerie. I don't own any lingerie (sorry to disappoint any of you out there) but I do own socks.

Not that I would put socks into this thing as there's that whole stink thing they one would have to contend with, but if I had to MacGyver a solution for wet socks, well there you go.

As with any purchase being done with limited research I found it difficult to find a dehydrator for sale. The Bay, Kitchen Stuff Plus, Future Shop, Best Buy, Sears, none of them sold food dehydrators. I ended up getting the last one on the shelf of a Canadian Tire. It was $50.00.

Made by Salton there's not a lot to the thing. There's a base, 5 drying racks, and a cover with an opening that can be open to closed. I'm not really sure what the opening does as there's no mention of the vent in the manual.

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