Monday, December 19, 2011


Today's random trip took me to Alewife.  The end of the Red line.  I suppose I just wanted to see what was out there.  A bunch of run down apartments and probably not the best part of the city.  On the train a couple with arguing.  Well swearing at each other actually. "bitch!", "asshole!" seemed to be the key words that popped up a number of times.

By the end stop there weren't a lot of people on the train, just the crazy couple, me, and a lady that looked really uncomfortable.  The argument between the couple became louder as the guy continued to yell at the girl from the other side of the train, wanting to put as much distance between himself and her and still be on the same car.  The girl returned the loud shouting adding another colorful metaphor.

In my brain I wondered why these people would even travel together if they hated each other so much.  Maybe they wanted to make a public spectacle of themselves.  I kind of wanted to take photos or video record the exchange as an example of interaction between the lower class.

The uncomfortable lady was trying to avoid eye contact with them all together.  She clutched the rolls of Christmas wrapping and fumbled with some other packages she was carrying, dropping them at random points between stops.  I could see her exhaling a sigh of relief when we reached the final station.  She waited for the couple to leave the train, still screaming at each other, before she scurried out and disappeared down the other end of the platform.

I walked around a bit noticing a pond surrounded by fencing.  I got to a bridge and walked toward a Staples sign.  This was how I found the Whole Foods grocery store and where I ended up buying lunch.

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