Thursday, February 07, 2013

Custard's last stand

Custard Tart

It was snowing today. According to the news and people on Facebook it was supposedly the start of a snowmageddon. Weary, I poked my head out of the apartment. Yes, there was snow on the ground and yes, snow was falling from the sky.

My brain told me that I should stay indoors where it was nice and warm. I looked at the ground. The snow was still fresh, there was no slush on the ground yet. Not that it really mattered, I had boots. No slush meant no ice. Snow would have had to melt then refreeze for ice covered sidewalks. It really wasn't that bad out.

There's a cyclist biking, how bad can the snow be?

I decided it was optimal conditions to do a custard tart run. About fifteen minutes away by foot was the Paris bakery, it specialized in custard tarts as well as other Portuguese breaded delights. Dumplings, custard filled buns, sugar topped baked goods, fried dumplings with chicken or shrimp, muffin like things. My mouth was watering at the thought of eating this stuff.  Also due to waking up late I hadn't had lunch yet.

I had to go outside anyway. I wanted to pick up some elastic bands to organize my AA batteries. I charge them in groups of four and have them labelled into those groups. It helps keep track of them in terms of age. If one starts to die I know the others in that group are soon to follow.

Battery sorting aside I had custard tarts on the brain for the last few days. I'm surprised I lasted this long. Part of the waiting is that the bakery is not open 24 hours. I suppose that's the only thing from keeping me from being fat, the inconvenience of acquiring these baked goods. Not today. Today I would fulfill the custard tart calling.

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