Sunday, April 06, 2014

Captain America

Gerard with the Captain America Sheild

These last few days I've been fighting yet another cold. This current one is fluid hovering above the lungs with lots of coughing and difficulty breathing. Our work hours and changing of the schedule have a lot to do with this as a bunch of the crew are tired and more susceptible to being ill.

Even with Saturday off, I spent most of the day sleeping, trying to shake this thing. Overdosing on vitamin C and taking it easy. My highlight was getting out and walking down to the Lakeview to gorge on a double patty burger, chocolate mint milkshake, fries, a slice of apple pie and ice cream. By the end of that I wanted to curl back up into a ball and sleep and after I walked back home that's what I did.

So that brings us to today, Sunday. I woke up around noon, I could have slept in later, I was still feeling lousy. I needed to make it down to work. It's about an hour and a half commute. I forgot Gerard's crew jacket in the truck and I was meeting up with him at 16:00 to see the new Captain America movie.

One part of my brain told me he could pick it up at work tomorrow but the other part of my brain clearly reminded me that I promised I'd do this. In the end it might not matter to Gerard as he'd get the jacket eventually but my conscious won out.

I can give thanks to my father for this "If you say you're going to do something, you do it." That was the thing about my father, he was (and still is) a man of his word. It's easy to make promises and keep them if there's not a lot of effort involved but when it becomes more like work to keep those promises that's when you can tell the character of a person.

The movie was fun. Lots of action and a bit of comedy. Overall I loved the movie. It was a nice sequel to the first movie and still managed to work it's way into the Avengers and Agents of Shield story lines.

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