Monday, August 04, 2014

Visiting Casa Loma

Breakfast at the "Starving Artist"

Joe and went to Casa Loma today to take some photos to use as a backdrop for a project Joe and Carmen are working on. I was surprised at A) how busy it was and B) how expensive it was to get in ($24 adult fare). As a kid going here it was a place that might have been filled with mystery and maybe even excitement. Looking down from the tower or walking through the underground tunnel to the stables and thinking back in time when this might have been used during a war. As an adult I can appreciate the architecture.

For Toronto it's pretty amazing, at least until you go to Europe and see really old buildings, then like an architecture snob you just think of the build as being claustrophobic and simple in design. If the building went up in flames I kept thinking of how easy it would be to get trapped with all the people and the narrow passages, staircases, and narrow doors that would act like funnels.

Peeking around a corner

Still, it was interesting to see and it was a nice little trip for a holiday Monday.

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