Friday, October 09, 2020

Green milk

 2020 10 10

Day 6

I got up early to go outside to the exercise lot, the portion of the hotel parking lot that has been fenced off and used as a space to go to walk around, stand in the sun or shade, to exercise.   Aside from the smoking section in front of the hotel (and who wants to go there), the exercise lot is the only place to really go.

It wasn’t to get the blood pumping for me, it was to do another time lapse.   This time looking at the building as the sun moved behind it.   I figured with the camera tilted up no one would get in the way of the lens even if they were tall.   There were a a number of runners that got pretty close to the tripod but none of them bumped it.

We have a limited time frame out there because the guards need to go home to sleep and all that.   So we can go out between 07:00 and 21:00.   I went out at 07:30, set up the tripod, came back in at 09:00, had breakfast, went back out at 10:00 and was out there until 13:00.

Having a thing, whether it be a camera on a tripod, or a piece of chalk, people are going to make conversation.   I met a few people and talked to security and some army guards that changed shifts.   Exchanged a few stories from living in Canada and how the lock down was going over there to how things were going over here.   The conversations made the time go by pretty quickly and before I knew it I was going back inside to the warm hotel.

My lunch was waiting for me in a brown paper bag.   And next to it were three other paper bags with the groceries I had ordered online last night from the countdown grocery store, kind of like loblaws, it’s a large grocery store chain.   I wanted to buy some green milk but as it turns out there’s a $50 minimum to be able to use the delivery service plus there’s a $15 service charge.   My tiny fridge might be able to fit 10 bottles of milk. It I thought I’d get some fruit and some other stuff.

- 1.5 L bottle of lime flavoured milk

- 1.5L bottle of banana flavoured milk

- 2 x 1kg cartons of Jazz apples

- 280g bottle of vegemite

- 250g Whittaker’s creamy milk Hazelnut Block

- 400g Hubbards crispy crunchy granola (raspberries, cranberries, coconut, currants, cashews, buckwheat, and sunflower seeds)

The fact that all the items I bought are made in New Zealand aren’t a coincidence.