Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hello? What are you saying?

Sasha talks to Paul.

This evening I found myself at a nightclub, bar called Cache. Maybe I'm getting old but it's seems that I can't really hear anyone talking anymore at these things. At one point I was just staring at Paul and Sasha as they talked with a quizical look on my face. Couldn't hear them thanks to the loud, hip hoppy, new wavy music.

The above panels show Sasha talking to Paul about something. What exactly, who knows?
I thought I'd write a bit of fiction here...
Panel 1 "What? You lost your wallet?"
Panel 2 "You want me to pay for the drinks... I don't know..."
Panel 3 "Maybe you should ask someone else..."


Sock Monty said...

Here's my talky idea:
panel 1: You're going to what?
panel 2: That's going to ruin my plans for the summer...
panel 3: Couldn't you wait until fall?

theotherbear said...

Panel 1. You got a rash WHERE???
Panel 2. Eeew, those symptoms sound gross!
Panel 3. Sounds like you'd better put some cream on that, and fast.