Saturday, July 29, 2006

This is London

Juliet, Sandra, and Paul at "This is London"

Tonight there was some bra thing at "this is london", a bar/night club hidden away behind the north east corner of Spadina and Richmond. My editor, Juliet, decided that we should go cover this event. Like any good photographer with the mantra "Ours is to not question why" I decided to go. Twist that rubber arm.

Upon arrival we met up with Andrew Majtenyi. He had heard there was a fashion runway type of thing happening. Kind of like the big fish stories, the event had ballooned into some large scale
fashion mecca. The reality was that there were girls lounging around in lingere but for the most part it was like any other night at the club (so I was told).

Amy poses for people passing by.

The good thing to come out of all this was that I ran into Amy, the fashion model from the playboy runway show I shot a few months ago and Tammy, another model I orginally met last year at a christmas party. It's always good to bump into people you know and it doesn't hurt if they're good looking.

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