Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Island Picnic

Looking at the CN Tower from the ferry

After shooting the house at Sherwood Forest inside out I took a boat (the Toronto Ferry actually) over to the Toronto Islands to meet up with Michelle for the CBC picnic. Free burger, hot dog, and drink. Those were the magic words that got me there. Also going to the island is always nice to get away from all the Toronto smog without really getting away from Toronto.

The picnic was the typical company picnic one would imagine. There were tons of kids beating each other up with inflatable sticks. Sticks or tubes that you bang them together at football, baseball or basketball games to make noise. Off to the side of the large gathering of people were two guys playing cover music "Time in a bottle", the assortment of Simon and Garfunkle, that sort of stuff.

The burgers were pretty mediocre but hey they were free!

Is that a military plane taking off from the island airport?

A bunch of birds looked like they were following the boat.

This flag indicates the end of the area that is patrolled by the resident lifeguard.

The Centre and Wards Island ferry

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