Sunday, July 30, 2006

Train of Thought

Part of a train sits idle next to the Mark Goodman trail

Today after a feast of dim sum with Colin at the usual place, the new treasure restaurant, I decided to take in a walk along the harbourfront area and ended up walking along the Mark Goodman trail.

For years there's been this line of train cars parked next to the trail. It's possible it's a different set of train cars and I haven't noticed the change up. Today I decided I'd climb the train cars just to shoot the top. It had been awhile since the last train climb I did. That would have been back in 2003 when I climbed on top of a VIA train to get reference photos for a show called "Blueprint for Disaster". I forgot how high up these things are.

Things feel higher for me if there's no hand railing or enclosure. Plus the metal planks on the roof of the train have a bit of give and there's the fat factor. Although I don't feel my body type is fat I do think it's heavy. Dense bones? I have broken a few chairs in my day after all and the way companies are cheaping out on building things of quality... well it kind of makes you wonder.

Standing on the train

When shooting on the top of the train one of the things I realized is that it's hard to determine how high up you are just from the picture. Sure there's a guy on a bike riding on the trail next to me but for the most part the train roof looks like it's flat and level with the ground. Perhaps if I was on a train on curved tracks?

A golden cotton candy type sunset

Somewhere further down the trail I noticed the sunset and the weird ass clouds and decided to shoot some pictures. It would be another hour until getting home.

some weeds

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