Sunday, July 16, 2006

King of Kensington

Bike basket or doggie transport device?

You wonder just what lengths we, as human beings, will endure to pamper our pets. While wandering through Kensington market with Amanda out shopping for cheese and blueberries (in that order), we bumped into Alita. Alita is a graphic designer I used to work with a few years ago. She now rides around on a bike transporting her little dog (so it seems).

The little dog has the cuteness factor of 18 on the D&D scale and with it the ability to melt all female beings around. "Pet me! Carry me! Buy me food!" are some of the unspoken commands it uses by sticking out it's tongue.

Getting back to the cheese. Mental note... It's not good to get cheese on a 45 F degrees day and go walking for five or six hours. The blob that formed in the bag by the end of the trip looked like a ball of plastercine.

I also bought some blueberries. Mainly to compare them to a basket I bought a few weeks ago from Florida. They tasted like crap. Today I picked up a pint grown in B.C. and a pint grown in Ontario. The B.C. blueberries were better than the US version hands down but the Ontario blueberries were definately the winner overall.

I wonder if in Florida, Ontario blueberries taste like crap and Florida blueberries taste better? Any bloggers that can test this feel free to post your results.