Wednesday, October 11, 2006

69 hour film challenge

Jill and Darryl introduce the 69 hour challenge

Tonight at the Drake Hotel Darryl introduced the 69 hour film challenge. Yes, if hosting a film festival isn't enough work, Darryl has managed to make things more challenging by having a last minute film drop. The idea behind the challenge is pretty easy.

So we'd know that you created a film in the 69 hour span your film had to include 3 of 10 items from the following list that was introduced tonight.

  1. any combination of lingerie / underwear and fruit.

  2. an actual naked person

  3. crotch grabbing. ( yours or someone else’s )

  4. the line:
    "I'm gonna stick this baby jesus in your ass... Solo!”

  5. a picture of Darryl (included on disk)

  6. the line:
    "But now I can penetrate hardly and give the pleasure to every woman!”

  7. a musical instrument

  8. write, draw or paint on somebody's skin

  9. the line:
    "I'm out of order? You're out of order! This whole _____ is out of order!"
    (fill in the blank)

  10. the word "funt"

The Neutrino Video project

Once the rules were given out the cast of the Neutrino Video Project took the stage. They introduced themselves then ran off to shoot their film. Much like an improv troop on stage they would take suggestions and props from the crowd.

The main group was broken down into three groups with three camera operators. While the audience watched one film from one group, the other groups would be filming. The next film would come in before the first one was over. It was like you were watching one continuous one hour film. Does this make sense? If not click here for more information on the Neutrino Video Project.

The sound and lighting tech of the Drake.

Look above. See the picture. Recognize this guy? It's Dwight from the 86ers, guitar player from my first paid band gig (click here).

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