Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Terry Richardson Look

Darryl shows Tracy how to pose

After a meeting with Max to look over some of the pictures I shot in London, I ended up going over to Darryl's office to help him get some pictures for the upcoming 69 hour film challenge. The idea was to shoot Tracy, a volunteer and friend of Darryl, in a drunken state with a bottle of booze and a video camera ala Terry Richardson.

Who's Terry Richardson you ask? You've probably seen work he's done or at the very least people that try to imitate his work. Vice magazine, American Apparel ads, Batman and Robin kissing, Terry (the photographer himself) getting fellatio by two women. His photography has a 70s look to it as he shoots with a range finder and a tiny flash bulb.

Tracy hams it up

For some reason or other Darryl was hell bent on getting this particular high contrast, "no effort" look. We shot a few hundred photos trying to get the right angle and lighting and eventually found something that looked okay. You might be able to see the final product on the Hard liqour and porn site under the 69 hour film challenge section.

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