Friday, October 20, 2006

Toronto L'Oreal Fashion Week Day Five

Project Fashion: Laura Kenzie

Friday, the last day of Toronto Fashion week. A bunch of catwalks were sandwiched back to back for Fanshawe College's aspiring designers. Project Fashion, showcased ten designers and their creations in a space of a mere two hours. The photo pit for the press was pretty empty during this time and allowed me to play around with variations on the camera a bit while moving into different locations.

There were some nice designs on show despite that these were collections from students. It's nice to see up and coming talent. The fact that the mainstream press wasn't there to shoot it is their loss.

Project Fashion: Rachel Bake

Project Fashion: Kristina McGill

Project Fashion: Jenn McKinley

Project Fashion: Marzena Wajda

Project Fashion: Harmony Nadjiwon

Project Fashion: Jackie Ridell

Project Fashion: Alison Bruder

Project Fashion: Ashley Davis

Project Fashion: Anglea Phung


Dyna Lyon

Slavka Plavsic


I think this was my favorite So(da)liscious outfit. The bottle caps are neat to look at. Maybe not very functional on a girl friend that you're trying to get close to. She might rub you the wrong way.

Christine Phillip

Pink Tartan

Pink Tartan was the only fashion collection I noticed with models wearing nerdy glasses. Although the actual clothing seemed pretty average there's something sexy about the whole glasses thing. The models with their posing skills made this line look quite good.

Doing some last minute work while the media area is being taken down.


theotherbear said...

most of those outfits are truly horrible. i just don't get why something completely unwearable is received so well.

BagelHot said...

When I was in London I remember talking to a reportor from the Netherlands. When I told him Toronto had a fashion week he said "How cute.".