Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Angie Lands In Toronto

Angie at "B" coffee shop

I got a call today. It was in the morning sometime before 9am. Who the heck would be calling me at this ungodly hour? Usually I would be in bed fast asleep at least until 10am, but since my body was still on London time I was actually awake puttering around on my computer and picked up the phone on the first ring. It was Angie.

Angie Demont, a person who I met on Earth Final Conflict in the art department working on graphics and print work. We worked on Foolproof, then she moved to London, England where she stayed for a few years, then moved to Chester in Nova Scotia. I hadn't really heard from her much since but today she was in town one stop away from going to Italy. Italy? She stopped by to see her friend Nilla who is now pregnant (see preggo picture here) and while in Toronto thought she'd ask if we wanted to meet up.

Her time in Toronto was a short one as she had other meetings today and then had to be on a flight tomorrow morning. I ended up meeting her at a coffee shop next to Henry's (a camera store) at Queen and Church street. The coffee place was called "B". There we caught up a bit, talked about travel, the chaos at the airport, how our lives have changed since we last saw each other, the usual stuff two people talk about when they haven't seen each other in a while.

She had an appointment for some business meeting. Since the location of her meeting was on the way home I traveled to the house with her. She wanted to meet up later to go for Indian food for a late lunch. We never did meet up. I think she tried to pack too much into her schedule.

It was good seeing her again. William, if you're reading this Angie says "Hi.".

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