Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Toronto L'Oreal Fashion Week Day Two

The secondary catwalk setup

Today we were thrown a curve ball. When I showed up at the Muzik building I noticed a bunch of chairs lined up in the waiting area or at least what used to be yesterdays waiting area, today it was a runway. I suppose someone thought it would be a great idea to change things up a bit and have Arthur Mendonca's collection showcase in a different room.

The photographers covering the Arthur Mendonca line

There was a large skylight so you could see the clothing under natural daylight. Unfortunately once the show started the sun had gone down to the extent that the room wasn't brightly lit. To brighten up the darker areas flood lights were used. The lights were not color balanced to the daylight, they had a warmer cast. This made it difficult to shoot the collection with a consistent white balance. When the models were far away there was warm lighting, closeup cool lighting and between there were pockets of shadows.

From the Arthur Mendonca collection

I liked the little slits in Dean Horn's design.

For the next show, Dean Horn, we shuttled back into the main catwalk room with the better lighting. But after that it was back to the secondary room where the chairs of the Arthur Mendonca show were moved and replaced by a group of models lounging around showcasing the Katya Revenko clothing line.

A model poses clothing by Katya Revenko

the Kayta Revenko collection

Mannequin with cartoon bubble = fashion humour

From the Juma collection.

Then shuffle back to the main catwalk area for the Juma show and then the David Dixon collection. The Dixon collection had a little montage that played just before the models walked down the catwalk. It told of how one of his parents died and now both his parents are reunited. I found that a bit depressing. Someone in the audience thought it was a cheap theatric ploy to get a standing ovation. Well it worked.

What you saw from David Dixon collection if you weren't crying.

An outfit by French Connection UK

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