Thursday, October 05, 2006

Andrew's Secret Design

NOTE: As I'm a bit behind blogging this blog would not have been posted on the day of the shoot as it could have disqualified Andrew from the design contest.

Daniela gets ready to add make up to the models, Anna and Jordan.

In a super secret, hush, hush, undertaking, I helped Andrew by taking pictures of some outfits he designed for sky diving. The outfits are a submission for some fashion award thingy held by the Design Exchange. Originally Andrew wanted to shoot the models in the jumpsuits on an airport tarmac.

Permission to shoot at the Toronto Island airport was turned down as they were doing construction. The airport supervisor was extremely helpful and put us onto the name of the Buttonville airport supervisor. Unfortunately the Buttonville supervisor wasn't in and we were calling last minute. We ended up shooting the models at a lot that used to be a car dealership. It had the grayness of an airport or at least something industrial.

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Anonymous said...

I vote for Andrew. Or at least I vote for your photos. Hot!