Monday, October 23, 2006

No camera day

Today I woke up at 6pm. Yes that's not a typo. Thanks to long hours photographing Toronto Fashion Week, the Pink Bedroom Party, and the North Bound Leather fashion show and all the little things in between my body had finally told me that I need some down time (ie. I got really sick). The answer? Sleep and lots of it. In fact pretty much all day Sunday and today I had managed to hibernate in my makeshift cocoon of blankets and pillows. I was comfy and warm and decided to stay where I was with my eyes peeking out every now and then.

I was freezing. Had the apartment lost it's heating over night? Was my bed replaced by a giant ice cube (in the shape of my bed)? If being in bed was this cold, how cold was it outside in the rest of the apartment? I was determined to stay in bed the rest of the night.

Until, that is, I realized I was out of food. D'oh! How can I be out of food? The fridge looked full when I looked at it in my dizzy state on Saturday night. My brain wasn' that out of it. Was it? I got up and opened the fridge door. Upon closer inspection I realized the fridge was full. Full of condiments!

Ketchup, Guk (that addictive Lick's sauce), mustard (honey, dijon, regular), assorted jams, peanut butter (whoops, just the container), garlic chili sauce, tabasco sauce (three bottles that were randomly distributed around the fridge), "Ass in space" chili sauce (a gift I had bought myself in New Orleans almost 10 years ago), red peppers, pickles, corn relish, basically everything to create that perfect hot dog or hamburger but no actual meat, hamburger patties or winers or sausages. Yes there were condiments up the wahzoo along with the odd candy stored from a few Christmas' or Halloweens of yesteryear. (anyone reading this please no candy canes for presents).

Oh my... and there was a container of yogurt that I don't even remember buying.

A few minutes later after extracting the container, handling it like a sample of toxic waste, I carefully made sure the lid didn't pop open. I was afraid the smell would permeate into the apartment spreading it's evil odor in nanoseconds. A triple bag wrap procedure followed by a dump into the kitchen garbage bag and finally out to the garbage can located outside was in order. It will sit and hopefully freeze until next week's pick up. I pity the Raccoon that tries opening that thing.

The trip outside was to a grocery store I don't usually frequent as it's a bit far away. I figured I could use the air and the No Frills located near me doesn't really have much in ways of selection. So off to Main and Danforth, A Sobey's, via streetcar.

It's a bit odd the food you buy when you're not feeling too great. I picked up some Brie to make a grilled cheese sandwich. I might be sick but that doesn't mean I have to eat cheap. Someone, I think it might have been Melissa, told me that dairy foods are bad when you have a cold as it promotes phlegm build up. Almost like I was doing the opposite of what was bing told to me I headed to the dairy section to buy some milk. For some reason I had a craving for cereal and as eating it out of the box doesn't really work for me I bought a small carton of milk.

$70 and 4 bags later I got back home to start making dinner. 9pm. Hmmm.

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