Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Baby and Borat

A month's worth of clean T-shirts

I woke up today with all lot of energy. So much so that I did about a month's worth of laundry, cleaned the dish pile that started growing out of the sink, and scrubbed the bathroom floor. All this and before 6 am! Even my cousin Dave would be surprised.

At around 8am I ended the cleaning streak and began my lounging around the apartment. At around 11am I got a call from David, an art department friend, saying that if I wanted to visit the hospital today would be good. His wife Zoe had a baby recently. After the phone call I fell asleep.

At around 3pm I woke up and rushed out the door to go St. Michael's the hospital with Zoe and David. Once there I was told to follow the "storks". wha? Did the hospital invest in animatronic ushers in the form of a few storks? Unfortunately no. Much to my disappointment the storks were large oval shaped stickers on the floor.

Baby markers

Upon entering the room I noticed "the kid" in a plastic tub. As I'm not a frequent visitor of hospitals this was news to me. I tried imagining what it would be like to sleep in a large plastic tub, would I stub my toe? Would I feel claustrophobic? Would I make funny faces on the plastic window like frame?

David and Zoe with the brand new baby

It's incredible how small and fragile looking babies are. Yet behind these little people are minds that are ready to suck all the information you have to share with them willingly or not so willingly. Speech, habits, and other mannerisms from you get absorbed through sheer osmosis. Kind of reminds me of some small alien life form ready to take on the world. I was thinking that just before David brought out a jumper with a space theme. Wow, that was creepy.

The kid's first jumper. Note the space theme. How cool is that?

I left the hospital on my way to meet up with Darryl. He had free tickets to a sneak preview screening of the Borat movie. The movie was funny but had really low production value. In the back of my mind I hoped that this would not be a trend in Hollywood, that is to make cheap movies on a grand scale. Kind of like the whole reality TV thing. In small doses okay, but I still need to see well written things every now and then.

Darryl with the Borat face on a stick.

Some of the free swag included Borat's head on a stick, a light blue Kazakhstan plastic cup, and a Borat with an American flag button. I'm not really sure what I'll use the button or cup for but the face on a stick has been getting some pretty good laughs.

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