Monday, October 02, 2006

The Fantasy Fashion Show

Marg models a skirt made of entirely of balloons

Tonight somewhere on Queen west just past west of Dufferin there was a Fantasy Fashion show. That was the actual name of the show featuring independent artists from around the city. The room was small and cramped and as there were two openings to the make shift runway I really wasn't sure where people were coming out of or going to end up.

The fashion show resembled more of an art installation than that of a fashion show. During a fashion show I would expect articles of clothing on display, maybe even some models wearing the stuff going up and down a runway. Sure there was some of that. There was also some staged productions featuring half naked tribal warriors with burning incense with some fat woman yelling/singing, naked guys painted black and white and girls cutting each others hair.

Sure, there were outfits that came out some made of fur, a woman dressed as a drunken sailor complete with a ship on her head, and another "model" wearing patched together thread work. Overall the artsie side won out as I couldn't really explain what or why I was seeing some of this stuff.

The skirt up close

Nice shoe accessories

When the show was over we talked to the Balloon skirt designer and his model. He created the skirt in under half and hour! This includes blowing up the balloons manually. Blowing up the balloons and weaving them into place.

I was told the skirt was actually quite warm to wear. It was then that I wondered what a skirt filled with helium would be like. Would the wearer be doing the constant Marylin Monroe over the street grate action? Perhaps a longer train could be made that would hover over the ground?

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