Saturday, December 23, 2006

Another Funeral

Union Station

At 9am at Union Station we (Michelle and I) met up with with Colin and Angie to get a drive out to Mississauga for Nancy's father's funeral. This is the forth funeral in the last few months. It's starting to get a bit depressing.

I've only met Nancy's Father once. It was during a certain visit to Mississauga during a snow storm while riding a bike. The year was 1990 during the second semester while taking computer science. I arrived at the door, feet soaked, hands frozen, face red as a beet, yet the flowers I had bought his daughter were still intact.

I remember him welcoming me in and escorting me down to the living room next to the fire place. He seemed pretty trusting for a Dad, especially since I was hitting on his daughter. That's the only real memory I have of him and I suppose if you have any memories of a person it's good that they're fond memories.

Angie and Colin announce that they're moving in together.

As far as funerals go the service went fairly smoothly. A lot of sitting down, standing up, seeing your friends cry. Even though most of the service was not in English you kind of got the general idea of what was going on. Did I mention that I hate funerals?

Something else I've noticed during the last few funerals that have taken place, we always end up at a Tim Hortons, either before to kill time or afterwards because we want to talk to the various relatives/friends that we haven't seen in quite a while.

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