Monday, December 18, 2006

Ugly Sweater Party

The Fire and Ice backyard of the C-Lounge

In the Christmas tradition of wearing ugly sweaters... wha? Ugly sweaters? Why yes there's actually a party where the person with the ugliest sweater wins. Wins what? I'm not sure as I didn't stick around long enough to find out.

Umbra luggage tags were given to those that came out ugly sweater or not. I was only at the party to witness two "ugly" sweaters. One had reindeer stitched across it and the other was a tad too small for the wearer. The small sweater seemed in pretty good condition and put emphasis on the wearer's shapely body.

A few people warm themselves by the outdoor fire

The C-lounge had a backyard patio that featured "ice" on fire. I'm not really sure what the stuff was. It looked like glass when viewed up close. Along one side of the patio were a row of bed like places to sit or lie down. They were set up under stalls. I suppose these stalls were there in case of rain or snow.

Back inside two women dressed in Santa's Helpers outfits were giving away free bottles of steam whistle beer.

Emmanuel with Santa's helpers.

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