Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve

A bunch of bubbly for New Year's Eve.

To help take my mind off dating, at least I thought it would, I worked Joel's New Year's Eve party taking pictures. The DJ was the same guy that played the boat cruise back in August. I liked his selection as the songs he played actually had lyrics.

The party took place on the second floor of the Intercontinental hotel, on Bloor just west of Avenue road. Along with the coat check there was a large room with round tables, a dance room, a small quiet room in the corner, and a large hall where, for the most part, a lot of people hung out to socialize, meet people, and see who showed up.

There were some familiar faces in the crowd, some of the people I had met at the Balmy Beach Club, but for the most part it was a large unknown crowd. Aside from the happy new year thing, the highlight of the evening, actually there were two, the first while I was walking toward the door to the room with all the tables. I witnessed a guy coming out of the room followed by a fist attached to his head. This caught me off guard as I was stuffing my face with a sandwich at the time. A few minutes later Police had shown up looking for the instigator. The party had taken a surreal feel to it.

The second highlight of the part occurred when a guy asked his girl friend to marry him. She said "yes" by the way. They made a cute couple. It made me depressed. Surrounded by people but alone. Wow, new years sucked at that particular point. I was on automatic, shot the DJ doing the countdown and the party favours exploding in high pitched squeeks, plastic clackers, people hugging and kissing each other as they sang "Auld lang syne". It all seemed like everything was happening in slow motion.

The hotel lights abruptly came on and the cleaning staff marched in to the dance room to clean stuff up. The DJ a bit annoyed played one last song. It was Donna Summer's Last dance. I managed to take a few more shots of dazed party goers being subjected to bright light and dancing anyway. We were herded out by 2:30am where by I managed to snag one of the left over helium filled balloons and made my way home.

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