Friday, December 15, 2006

Store Visits to Kill Time

Roger shows laptop with picture of Roger showing laptop

I found myself wandering around downtown looking for ways to kill some time. I had to shoot Emmanuel giving a speech to graduating students at the Ontario College of Art and Design but that didn't start until 6:30pm. It was one of those inspirational speeches to assure the students that they went to school to get out into the world bright eyed and bushy tailed and that the last four years meant something.

Adeem (the mango kid)

It was 4pm so I started off by dropping by Roger at Monster Records. From there I made my way down to the College and Grace area where I saw Joe at Dragon Lady. Stopped off to talk to him for a bit then made my way to the OCAD building on College just west of University.

Big Joe at Dragon Lady comics

It was kind of odd being in a room with "kids" graduating. All the projects were out on display. I felt like a job recruiter and thought back to the days of being a visual effects supervisor and having to run through newly sent demo reels then emailing, or mailing the sender comments on what made it great or what could be improved.

"Hands up. Who wants to be on Oprah?"

As someone that used to send videotapes in the mail to companies to get hired I was always impressed by the companies that got back to you, Even if it was to politely say "Go away, We're not hiring.". Of course I'm paraphrasing here. There was a job I worked at where the tapes that were sent in were not looked at, erased, and used to put temp work to be delivered to the client. Cheap things like that really pissed me off.

I made it a policy to give comments that were constructive and send the tape back or at the very least have it accessible for pick up should the sender want it back to use some where else. Tapes might not be expensive but when you're not working you may not have that money to blow.

Emmanuel's speech was pretty good. You could see the students laughing and being inspired. Those poor slobs, like lambs to the slaughter. I miss feeling that "you can take on the world" idealism. /you can still take on the world but maybe head on is not always the best route. Sometimes you've got to go sideways.

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