Monday, December 04, 2006

Errands and the Eyeball

Roger shows his laptop with an image of Monster Records visitor Scott Thompson (Kids in the Hall)

I ended up wandering downtown today to pick up some stuff I left at Monster Records. A tube of super white paper to be exact. It was originally brought to Monster Records to shoot some head/torso shots sporting the new Monster Record T-shirts. The shoot died along with the model agency that took forever to get back to me and give me a reasonable quote.

I had to contact them three times to get a final quote. The quote got bigger with each phone call until the cost of the model for eight hours was just over $2500.00 not including additional service fees for distribution. To top it off we would only be allowed to use the pictures that I shot for a year before incurring additional fees. I suppose I would have been more pleasant had I heard this quote during the time I contacted them. Instead I got some vague not even ball park figure.

After the visit at Monster Records I walked over to Andrew's place to, well at least I thought, get some glue stick for a board I was going to work on for his party. Since he had won the Gold award at the Design Exchange he decided to celebrate by throwing a party at the Habitat Lounge. My job was to create a board containing my photos of the jumpsuits he had designed.

I got the wires of communication crossed as he thought I was going to bring all the stuff, so it could be assembled, to his place. Whoops. I took some notes and the glue stick and eventually left.

Gudrun sticks out her tongue.

Across the street I went to visit Gudrun. Her right eye, pupil, was larger than the left one. I asked if it was hockey related but it was something else. After catching up and taking a few pictures using her weird colored ceiling light I left for home.

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